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Irata SBS 2012
(Windows Forms software solutions)
  • Treasury Accounting
Cash management refers to the deposit and withdraw cash with the cashier used documents.
  • Financial Accounting
Package of programs that provide regular and timely bookkeeping. It consists of more functional units.
  • Personnel Administration
The program allows managing personnel records of all data of employees and other persons. Can be used as a separate module, but in an integrated system.
  • Book of Incomming and Outgoing Invoices
In the book entry account must contain data on all incoming invoices. In the book of outgoing invoices must contain data on invoices, or the retail trade.
  • Control Register of Imports and Exports
Importing is a group of documents and reports for monitoring the imports of goods, materials and services. Export is a group of documents and reports for monitoring the export of goods, materials and services.
  • Orders (articles, services)
Orders is spftware solution used to order merchandise and services.
  • Calculation of Interest
Interest calculation is used for the calculation of interest. Calculation of interest is separated module
  • Craft Book
Book of Crafts is a group of documents for the conduct books of receipts and expenditures.
  • The Fixed Assets
The fixed assets are used to account for fixed assets and small inventory.
  • Salaries
Software solution The salaries is used in calculation of salary.
  • Operational Accounting
Operational accounting is a group of documents accounting for the calculation of material consumption in production of the pre-default rate.
  • Regularly Jobs
Regulary Jobs is group of documents and reports intended for the calculation and recording fees, and other receipts that are not considered wages.
  • Presence / Absence
Software solution is for keeping records about the presence and absence of employees in the workplace.
  • Travel Management
Travel Management is group of documents for the calculation of travel expenses
  • Invoices / Offers / Cash Register
Group documents for Monitoring treasury transactions, billing, and offerings.
  • Inventory - Material Management
Group of documents and reports for tracking merchandise accounting. Under inventory accounting is considered to be monitoring the entrance and exit of merchandise with a wholesale warehouse, or to monitor entrances and exits of its own stock of finished products.
Irata Web Solutions
(Web Forms Solutions)
  • Admission of Patients
Web software solution intended for the reception and patient records, doctor's reports.
  • Customized Content Magement Systems
We can offer a developing of customized web content management systems.
ISBS All-In-One
(Rental software solution)
  • Rental software solution
Service ISBS All-In-One was developed by increasingly popular concept of Software as a Service and the user can rent a software solution without the cost of installation and infrastructure.
Other services
(installation, project management, hardware)
  • Software and System installations
  • Projects management
  • Hardware